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Much of the most powerful economic thinking seems to be coming from France these days.

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In any case there is a growing consensus that inequalities in the advanced economies helped to fuel the financial crisis and are in themselves a source of financial instability as well as moral outrage and political danger as we have seen recently, angry, resentful voters can behave in radical ways.

More of a long essay than anything, it is as convincing a case as any for a fairer society — on grounds of economic efficiency. This book takes many of the themes and presentations that the author used during his time at the FSA and turns them into a strong narrative and powerful argument for reform, but what he wins on fluency the author tends to lose on originality. We have been here before. Sort of.

Economics in Film and Fiction

Yet, as we can all see only too clearly, our economic problems are far from over. Japan remains one of the world largest economies third behind America and China on most measures and, compared with others, least noticed or written about.

The near 30 year-long stagnation of the nation is nothing new; and the policy options are drying up. Could this ageing, deflationary, gracefully declining society where nothing seems to boost the economy and consumers would much rather save than spend be on a path that western Europe will soon follow? For the sheer breadth and majesty of its story, the power of the narrative and the almost homely touches, The Rise and Fall of American Growth by Robert Gordon is less a textbook of economic history than a fascinating story of the people who, to borrow a phrase, made America great.

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The Development of India: Economics, Fiction and Film

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