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There is a right place for money issues, and a right balance.

Prosperity theology

Even if what he preaches is scriptural, his message is not balanced. If your pastor calls you whenever your tithes are late, but you can never call him when you need prayer, RUN from that church. A good minister will never overemphasize money. A good example of this is when the Philippian church gave a gift to the apostle Paul. Paul never asked for a gift, and he was more concerned about their Christian fruit than about his own needs being met Philippians In fact, Paul was more passionate when asking for funds to support the church in Jerusalem that was going through a famine.

He never asked for money for himself. The Bible does say that if we sow, we will reap Luke ; Galatians It does say that with what measure we give, we will receive 2 Corinthians All of that is in reference to money and finances. So all of that is true. In Matthew , Jesus commended the Pharisees for paying tithes, but rebuked them sharply for neglecting weightier matters of the law. There are weightier matters than money? There are weightier issues, such as salvation, grace, holiness.

But they know all about sowing and reaping. Make no mistake, the Bible teaches us to give.


There is a clear precedent for giving to ministers who teach us Galatians There is a clear precedent for giving to the poor Proverbs ; Acts ; James , There is a clear precedent for giving to those in need Acts There is NO precedent for giving to conmen and imposters who use the church to build their person empires. The church is not a building, it is a people. There is NO precedent for giving to travelling "prophets" so that your prayers will be prioritized or expedited. Many preachers appeal to the Old Testament practice of tithing.

You may argue whether or not tithing is for the church today.

Nevertheless the principles of giving to support the ministry are clearly outlined in the scripture. But what exactly was the principle behind tithing? The Israelites paid tithes to the Levites because they devoted themselves to the work of the ministry, and because of this they had no other means of providing for their needs.

Part of the tithes was also used to help the poor Deuteronomy So preachers latch on to those details and encourage people to give to them. Caleb H. Lots of churches disclose their budgets to their members on a regular basis.

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Remember, He owns it all anyway Psalm Viviana D. I know we support a lot of ministries and missions, and we have construction underway, so I'm not worried they are misusing the money. Does any of my tithe go to missions, or is that just from special offerings, etc.? When you share how your church allocates money, it builds transparency and trust between members and leaders. When we know the money we give is going to fund an orphanage in Cambodia, to build a well in Africa, or to feed the homeless in our own town, we might feel better about giving. As a leader, you have to help them move beyond being wise to creating a legacy.

But who is helping them carry the weight of their success? We have a harder time being honest with this group than we do with the Worried.

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Why is it that so many lottery winners fall apart and commit suicide? It just makes you more of who you already are.

Wealth without the wisdom to handle it can be a disaster. The great news is that you can be part of the solution! Visit the online resource center now to start a class or order class materials.